Utzon Skind & Pels

Et Unikt Samarbejde

UTZON was established in 1990 by Pernille Utzon, the descendant of a long line of furriers, giving her the background to understand and appreciate the delicate art of the furrier craft but also the right confidence to break free from tradition when it comes to creating cutting edge new styles.

UTZON believe that a product’s origin, sustainable production and environmental impact are of equal importance as the aesthetics. It is the combination of these elements, together with an exquisite design, that makes a product truly luxurious.

UTZON take great pride in the selection of the fur used for our products, and UTZON is famous worldwide for its high quality. The fact is, that the better the animals are treated, the more beautiful the fur is and the higher the endurance and quality of the end product will be. This is also why, the furs are primarily purchased from their country of origin in Europe.

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